13. November, 2008

Thank god it’s winter…

Just when my putts started to roll again and my swing slowly came back, the weather turned from freezing cold to Siberia. So what would a normal guy do. Wait for next spring and start reading “Tiger Woods - How I play?” Maybe. But not enough entertainment for me. So I do what I will call “German Winter Golfing”:

indoor chipping

indoor chipping

8. August, 2008

Back in Germany


I haven’t blogged anything in a while. So here’s my attempt to get you updated.
What started as 6month scholarship turned out to be a 1.5years life experience. It would be tough to give a complete summary in one blog entry so I don’t even try it.
The usual way two days after I left my friends in Texas I started in my new position at the Research Center in Dresden. After  living abroad for a while I have to admit that there are a few cultural differences. Damnit, I asked for ice in my drink, not one ice cube!! If I’d like to eat? Of course, why do you think am I sitting here for almost 20 minutes now…??!!! If I want lukewarm soup I’ll let you know, this time I ordered beer.

These are just some of the first conflicts I had to fight when coming back. Meanwhile everything settled a bit. I found an apartment near a golf course and just 5minutes from work (Is that good or bad?). My swing is absolutely f*cked up, so I guess I need a lesson or two to get back in shape.

Last week I finally got my motorcycle registered. With all the hidden costs I ended up paying as much for it as selling it there and buying the same one over here - well lesson learned. The only thing that I keep telling myself is, that I know how the bike was handeled and so on.

For this weekend I am planning on making a short trip to Prague with some friends and their bikes.

Last but not least, thanks to www.beetlebum.de for repairing my website. I am still marked as a harmful website by google because some son of a b*tch hacked my page and put some code in my header…

10. Januar, 2008

Watch, what I do when bored…

6. Januar, 2008

This blog ain’t dead!

Hey guys, I haven’t been active lately. We had some struggles with the schedule at work and usually that struggles my schedule, as well. I had the idea to make at least one post before I go back to Germany over Xmas. Just to let you know I am there and where to send the presents. Well, haven’t even found the time to do that. When I flew back I got stuck in New Jersey again (seems to happen on a regular basis when I am on that CO97 or CO50 flight…). So I missed my embassy appointment…Not to mention that in one second my additional travel expenses doubled, I ran into schedule problems again. What do I mean?

Instead of just sitting on my ass waiting for my visa, I wanted to add some options where to live/work from April on. So I ended up “being in Germany” not being in Germany. After 4 days in 5 different cities, sitting in crowded airplanes with a bunch of ill people, I was sick too and now 2 weeks later (thx to all German restaurant owner bitches and their Support-Smoker-Policy) I still am.

I hate trans-Atlantic flights. They’re endless. Fuck just now writing that sentence my ipod ran out of power – WHYYYYYYY!???!! So, that’s the end of Alanis and Johnny Cash. Hmm, I need to fill out some forms for my entry to US now, so I probably should stop blogging now. Just a last word: Watch out Yankees, there is a plane full of coughing Germans coming – I felt or better still feel those strong Viking germs, so y’all better get you a flu shot J!

18. August, 2007


On August 12th we drove to Kings Canyon and Sequoia NP where we took a look on the biggest living thing on earth (besides Rainer Calmund) - the Karl-Marx-Tree or how they call it today “General Sherman”.

IMG 3045

This is the right moment to mention that this picture was taken by the best “people & giant trees”-photographer on earth for all times - Carmen Krieg and that I, Axel am a poor dwarf.

IMG 3048

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